Q Q. Does Vivid Lighting & Living offer a warranty with all products?
Q Q. If I have any issues whatsoever once I receive my goods, what should I do?
Q Q. Can I come by the depot and pick up my stock?
Q Q. Can I pay with credit card on your site?
Q Q. When will you ship my goods and how long until I receive my goods, as I cannot wait!?
Q Q. Can I just send you an email to say hello when I’m bored at work?
Q Q. Are your LED Light Kits really DIY?
Q Q. What tools are needed to perform an installation of your DIY light kits?
Q Q. Now I have installed my Deck Lights, its Spring now and its time to pressure wash and oil my deck, what should I do?
Q Q. What maintenance do I need to do on these lights in my deck?
Q Q. I have a design that requires additional light heads and some other unique requests, what shall I do?
Q Q. Are Your LED Deck Light Kits Simple to Install? If so, how do I do it?
Q Q. Where are you guys located?
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