RGB Controller - Radio Frequency (RF) UPGRADE PACKAGE

RGB Controller - Radio Frequency (RF) UPGRADE PACKAGE

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This is an upgrade on a Kit you purchase - includes a RGB Controller with Long-Range Remote



This includes a RF RGB Controller with Long-Range Remote.

So the standard Infra-Red Remote requires 'Line Of Sight' with the RGB Controller in order for it to change the colours and control your lights. We understand this is fine for most applications, but when your RGB Controller will be under a deck or behind a wall - and 'Line Of Sight' is not going to be possible - Use This Upgrade! 

So if you purchase this upgrade, we:

- Take out your Standard Infra-Red RGB Controller and Remote and

- Include this RF Controller and Remote in your package.

If you are unsure, please give us a call or email us and we will assist.

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