LED Vivid 8W Garden Spike – Complete DIY Kit – PLUS FREE Vivid 3mtr Strip Kit

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LED Vivid 8W Garden Spike – Complete DIY Kit – PLUS FREE Vivid 3mtr Strip Kit (Valued at $40)

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Introducing our very own 12V 8W LED Vivid Garden Spike Light DIY Kit…

Our Spike Light adopts the new COB LED Technology meaning we can pack more punch into a smaller parcel!
It’s made of strong Aluminium and is IP67 Waterproof! Yes, thats right IP67, meaning it’s completely ‘outdoors’ proof, now that’s handy for an outdoors light!

Beware of cheap Spike Lights!! They are cheap for a reason!!

Beware of Lower IP Rating or Drivers that aren’t Waterproof at all (not handy for an outdoors light), Plastic Construction, Low Watt Lighting (0.5W or 1W in some cases) or even Lights with no cable connections at all, just bare wires that you have to join yourself!

As this is a 12V set-up, it’s completely DIY Friendly. It has simple connections that just push together with a locking nut that when twisted together, along with the rubber seal, locks the connection in place and keeps the water OUT, giving the connections their IP67 Waterproof Rating – just get a Licensed Electrician to install an outdoor power source and you’re away.

Now you will notice here, that this is a complete DIY Kit, containing 1 x 8W Spike Light, 3m of Cable and 1 x 10W LED Driver.

If you require singular lights, or if this Kit is not what you require, you can see our Single Light available in the menu. From here you can select the other components of your kit to suit your needs – Different Size LED Drivers, Different Length Cables and Additional Lights. 

If you have ANY queries on what you need or help with your design, please contact us and we would be very happy to assist you.

If the above kit does not suit your needs, you can combine the number of lights you need, the correct sized LED Driver and the cabling you need to cover the distance between lights. The details on how that works is below:

These lights are 8W lights, meaning that our:
– 10W Driver will only handle ONE of these 8W lights
– 30W Driver will handle THREE
– 60W will handle SEVEN.

Now that’s meaning that all lights wil be run from the One Single Driver. You can set up as many Drivers around your property plugged into multiple power sources if you wish, but most people like to keep it simple.

So, as you can see, many variables mean its hard for us to put together a kit form, it’s easier for us to tailor your order to exactly what YOU need.
We think that makes sense.

You will notice on this page, you can purchase the Driver that you will need to power the amount of lights you use, plus the Cabling, in 1M, 2M & 3M lengths to suit whatever you need. They just push and twist together, so you can practically install these lights whilst you’re warming up the barbie before your guests arrive!

Voltage –     DC12v
Output –      8W
Lumens –    520 lm
Beam Angle –    30deg.
LED –     1pc COB LED
IP Rating –     IP67
Warranty –     2 Years
Build Material –  Aluminium
Fixture –     Black
Lens Material –  PC
Lens Dia. –     55mm
Head Length –   80mm
Spike Length –  210mm
LED Colour –    Warm White


Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm

1m, 2m, 3m


No, Yes

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