6 x LED RGB Step Light Kit (Colour Changing)

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6 LED 12v RGB (Colour Changing) Remote Controlled DIY Step Light Kit

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Fast & Easy To Install Step Light Kits.
Create A Gorgeous Ambience
In Your Outdoor Space By Adding Outdoor LED Lights.
Get That Real ‘Resort Feel’ At Home
In As Little As 1 hour

So, what’s in the box…?

The 6 x RGB DIY Step Lighting Kit (RGB = Colour Changing)

– 6 x LED (RGB) Step Light Heads
– 12vDC 8w LED Lights Driver (SAA Certified/Approved)
– RGB Controller
– Remote Control
– Cabling (up to 1m spacing between each light head x 6, any extras lights required, extra cable must be purchased)
– Installation Instructions
– Free lift to your door
– …and a FREE Drill Bit!!!

That Means:

– No Running Back Down To The Hardware Store!
– No Wasting Money!
– Enjoy Your Lights Immediately!
– Create A Unique Outdoor Experience, Like That You Find In Resorts, In Your Own Home!
– Drill the correct sized hole for your light kit you have – no chance of COSTLY errors!
– Be The Envy Of Your Friends With Ambience YOU Created In An Hour!

Here at Vivid, we just think that makes SENSE.

Outdoor LED Lighting =Efficient Lighting

You may know that Outdoor LED Lights can be an efficient lighting option for your home, but just how efficient?

Our Outdoor LED Lighting is 12v, meaning it is an extremely safe and efficient way to light your outdoors. With each Outdoor LED Light using as little as 0.3W, this means that each 6 light kit can use as little as 1.8W in total. When you compare that to a 60W Incandescent light bulb or even a 20W Compact Fluorescent Energy Saver Bulb you may have in your indoor lamp for example – you can see how little energy your Deck lighting will consume!

‘IP67 Rating’….What does that mean??

The IP Rating (or Ingress Protection Rating) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.
The first number, in this case ‘6’ represents the highest Dust Immersion rating, meaning it is completely sealed off to solid foreign objects like dirt/dust.
The second number represents its capacity to keep out water, under a certain situation. In this case ‘7’, means that our lights are rated to not only withstand a jet of water from a pressure washer (handy when pressure washing the deck at the start of the deck season), but also can handle full immersion in water up to 1m.
Now when we say our lights are IP67, we mean the Lights, the LED Driver (Transformer) & The RGB Controller (the box that controls the colour changing) – Our Entire Kit is IP67 Rated!!!

Beware of some competitors products out there – they may say they are IP67, but that may relate to the lights only! The Driver and RGB Controller, must be kept out of reach of any strong jets of water and flooding conditions!!

Vivid Lighting & Living Only Sells Top Quality Products – Built For The Harsh Aussie Conditions!!!

‘RGB Colour Changing’….What does that mean??

RGB is an acronym for ‘Red Green Blue’. When we talk about LED Lights being RGB, this means that inside the light head there is an LED chip inside that can turn Red, Green and Blue. Some models actually have seperate LED’s of each colour inside the head.
Let’s cast our minds back to the High School science days to understand it.
If you remember Mr. Whats-His-Name up the front talking about ‘Primary Colours’…? Well, this is what he was talking about.
When you mix Red, Green & Blue in different amounts, you can get all the colours of the rainbow – Yellows, Pinks, Purples, etc. Including if you mix the Primary Colours in exact same amounts, you get White!
Now, connected to these RGB lights is whats called an RGB Controller, which is basically a tiny computer that reads what you select on the remote control and arranges how much Red, Green & Blue to omit, in order to get the colour you have selected.

Our LED Deck & In-Ground Lights come complete with a remote – Select from 16 colours, including White!

Did We Mention YOU Can Do This YOURSELF….

DIY Instructions….and YES, we do mean DIY!

Please read how easy this DIY Kit is to install, just 8 simple steps!!!

Step #1:

Ensure you have an external weather proof power socket where you intend to install your lights. DO NOT run extension leads from inside, out to your lights. If you do not have any outdoor power source near where your lights are to placed, please have your local Electrician do this for you. Please DO NOT run an extension lead out to your lights, this is NOT safe as it is not a weather proof connection.

Step #2

Layout your lights and measure where you will place them and ensure the holes will be drilled at the correct spacing. We find that 1m or less between each light creates a great effect.

Step #3

Using the drill-bit included in the box, drill your holes.

Step #4

Feed the cable-end of the lights into the holes and press the light head down into the hole to ensure they are all seated properly. There is no need to glue or silicone the lights in, thats what the spring is for. This spring will hold the lights tight in their new home!

Step #5

Underneath the deck, connect the lights by first observing the two arrows on the plugs are aligned, then press the male plug and the female socket together and push in tight so the rubber weather seal is firmly seated. Screw together finger-tight.

Step #6

Once all lights are connected together, connect the Driver and Controller to the lights, observing the diagram in the installation guide. DO NOT PLUG INTO POWER YET.

Step #7

Now you need to mount your Driver and Controller using the screws provided, close enough to your power source so your cord will reach. These are IP67 Rated, so it is fine for them to get wet, just ensure the Driver and Controller are off the ground and not submerged in water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to also ensure that the remote control receiver (the small cord on the Controller) is IN DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT to the remote control. The remote control has a range of 3-5 metres but will not operate the lights if there is no line of sight between it and the receiver.

Step #8

You are now ready to plug in the Driver and switch on the power socket. You can now remove the plastic insert in the battery compartment of the remote control and select the mode/colour that you desire. Enjoy!

More on the Step Lights (B106) Model…

Model: B106C
Voltage: 230-240V AC
Driver: Input – 230-240V AC
Output – 12V AC
Watts: 10W
Driver: IP67
Controller: IP67
Remote: IP44
LED Lights: 6 x 0.4W
Cut out: 24mm
Material: PC Lens & Zinc Alloy Body

Head across to the right of this page to check out extra cabling and extra light heads to suit your lighting design!

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Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm

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