6 x 15mm LED Deck Lights (White or Blue)


The 15mm DIY Deck Light Kit 304 Stainless Steel

– 15mm LED Deck Light Heads
– 10W LED Driver (SAA Certified/Approved)
– Cabling (1m of cable between each light head)
– Installation Instructions
– Free lift to your door
– …and a FREE Drill Bit!!!


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Fast & Easy To Install Deck Light Kits.
Create A Gorgeous Ambience
In Your Outdoor Space By Adding Outdoor LED Lights.
Get That Real ‘Resort Feel’ At Home
In As Little As 1 hour

Build YOUR Own Kit….To Suit YOU

Step #1 –Select Your Colour

White or Blue

Step #2 –Select The Number Of Lights You Need

1 – 25 Lights are available in this selection. If you require more, please contact us on 1300 644 966 or at info@vividlightingandliving.com.au and we’ll increase the size of the LED Driver for the number of lights you would like.

Step #3 – Select If You Would Like Us To Include A Dusk-Till-Dawn Light Sensor – Optional (Photocell)

As the name suggests, it controls your lights on & off depending on the amount of light available, so good for those who are using these lights as a runway to your door, where you would prefer them to turn on automatically at night and turn off in the morning. Also good for those who use their lights for security.
Completely optional, so please select if you would like and we’ll include in your order.

Step #4 – Select If You Require Additional 2-Pin Cabling – Optional

You have choices of 1m, 2m or 3m Lengths and you have the option of buying 10 of each. If you require more, you can select the cables you need from the ‘ACCESSORIES’ page on our site. Just add what you need to your cart before you Checkout.
These cables can be used to insert between the LED Driver and the 1st Light location if the included cabling isn’t long enough. They can also be used to space the lights further apart than the 1m provided as standard.

~ There You Have It – A Kit That Is Tailored To YOU & YOUR Project ~

Cable Dimensions:

– Plug to end of LED Driver – 1.5m
– Plug to 1st Light Location – 2.0m
– Between each light – 1m


So, what’s in the box…?

The 15mm DIY Deck Light Kit

– 15mm LED Deck Light Heads
– 10W LED Driver (SAA Certified/Approved)
– Cabling (1m of cable between each light head)
– Installation Instructions
– Free lift to your door
– …and a FREE Drill Bit!!!

Let’s just talk about that for a moment – A FREE DRILL-BIT!!

That Means:

– No Running Back Down To The Hardware Store!
– No Wasting Time!
– No Wasting Money!
– Enjoy Your Lights Immediately!
– Create A Unique Outdoor Experience, Like That You Find In Resorts, In Your Own Home!
– Be The Envy Of Your Friends With Ambience YOU Created In An Hour!

Here at Vivid, we just think that makes SENSE.

Did We Mention YOU Can Do This YOURSELF….

DIY Instructions….and YES, we do mean DIY!
Please read how easy this DIY Kit is to install, just 8 simple steps!!!

Step #1:

Ensure you have an external weather proof power socket where you intend to install your lights. DO NOT run extension leads from inside, out to your lights. If you do not have any outdoor power source near where your lights are to placed, please have your local Electrician do this for you. Please DO NOT run an extension lead out to your lights, this is NOT safe as it is not a weather proof connection.

Step #2

Layout your lights and measure where you will place them and ensure the holes will be drilled at the correct spacing. We find that 1m or less between each light creates a great effect.

Step #3

Using the drill-bit included in the box, drill your holes.

Step #4

Feed the cable-end of the lights into the holes and press the light head down into the hole to ensure they are all seated properly. With this model, the socket end on the plug is very close to the diameter of the light itself, so when you feed the cable end into the hole – it will be a tight fit. Just use the drill bit to make sure the hole is nice and clean and push it down through the hole. You may need to tap it down gently with a screwdriver to push it through.
There is no need to glue or silicone the lights in, thats what the spring is for. This spring will hold the lights tight in their new home!

Step #5

Underneath the deck, connect the lights by first observing the two arrows on the plugs are aligned, then press the male plug and the female socket together and push in tight so the rubber weather seal is firmly seated. Screw together finger-tight.

Step #6

Once all lights are connected together, connect the Driver to the lights, observing the diagram in the installation guide. DO NOT PLUG INTO POWER YET.

Step #7

Now you need to mount your Driver using the screws provided, close enough to your power source so your cord will reach. These are IP67 Rated, so it is fine for them to get wet, just ensure the Driver is off the ground and not submerged in water.

Step #8

You are now ready to plug in the Driver and switch on the power socket. I think you’ve earned a beverage…Enjoy!

More on the 15mm (B111) Model…

I want to introduce you to this little guy!
We call him “The Dot” 15mm (or B111), I think you’ll agree, he’s pretty cool.

He measures just 10.5mm across the lens, so he’s literally a dot in the LED lighting game, but don’t underestimate him based on his size, he has all manner of uses.
I’ve seen him used to highlight dimly lit steps and stairwells as he’s very bright for his size. I’ve also seen him used in bars and wet areas like Bathroom and Kitchen plinth lighting. Don’t worry about him though, he’s IP67 rated and so is his LED Driver (Transformer), so they can handle a bit of wet!
You can have him and five of his mates and Driver for $89.99 delivered to your door – and don’t forget the drill-bit’s in there too!

But what if you need some extra light heads depending on your design, as you can run up to 25 of these little guys off the one 10W Driver. Well, we’ve got that covered too.

Head across to the right of this page to check out extra cabling and extra light heads to suit your lighting design!

Weight 1.0000 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 5 cm
Extra Lights

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Remote Type

Infra Red, Radio Frequency


White, Blue

15mm Specifications

Model: B111
Voltage: 230-240V AC
Driver: Input – 230-240V AC
Output – 12V AC
Driver Watts: 10W
Light Watts 6 x 0.4W
Driver: IP67
Controller: N/A
Lights: IP67
Cabling: IP67
Remote: N/A
LED's 1pc SMD2835
Lumens: 7 Lm per Light
Beam Angle 120 degrees
Lens Material PC Diffuser
Light Material PC/304 Stainless Steel Rim
Top Width 15mm
Body Width 10.5mm
Depth 26mm
Cut Out/Drill 14mm
Cabling Type 2-Pin Type

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