3000W Outdoor Radiant Heater (with Remote Control) *Free Shipping*

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3000W Radiant Outdoor Heater Panel (Model:VQS3000)
Wall Mounted or Ceiling-Hung, Remote Controlled & Instant Heat – No Warm-Up Time Required

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Welcome to our 3000W Radiant Outdoor Heater Panel (Model:VQS3000).

 Includes FREE Shipping Australia-Wide!

This is an exciting new product to our range and we are so proud to bring it to you!

This model consists of 2 x 1500W Heating Tubes that can be used both at once or one at a time, depending on what you need.

By a simple press of the button on your Remote Control, (once for half power, twice for full power) you have instant heat! No more clicking your Gas Patio Heater or waiting for those black heaters to warm up (around 30 mins), our range of Outdoor Electric Radiant Heaters by Vivid Lighting & Living never need to warm up, you need heat – press the button and you have heat. Instantly warming you, your family & your guests.

Our heaters come complete with a plug, so can be simply plugged into a 15A Power Point, or can be hardwired if you wish.

Our 3000W model requires a 15A circuit so requires installation by a qualified Electrician. (For Melbourne Metro, please call us as we have an Electrician that installs for us)

Our range of Outdoor Electric Heaters have been Tested and Certified to Australian Standards, which is compulsory for all Household Heaters in Australia and we hold the certificate for them. Not all companies do, so be careful and be aware of what you are buying.

You can rest assured, here at Vivid Lighting & Living, we have ensured that our Heaters not only provide instant beautiful heat at the touch of a button, but more importantly, do so safely.

Let’s talk about cost. Our Heaters are much cheaper to run than gas patio heaters and you NEVER have to run out of gas or get ‘Clicker Rage’ ever again!!

Gas Heater = $3.75/hr – Based on a refill of a 9kg ($30.00) gas bottle lasting for 8 hours of use = $3.75

Our 3000W Heater = $0.60c/hr (based on a residential peak-rate of $0.20c/kW, our 3000W model uses 3kW/hr = $0.60c)

Dimensions 102cm x 12cm x 12cm
Amps 13A – Requires at least a 15A Circuit (To be installed by a licensed Electrician
Working Voltage 220-240V – 50Hz
IP Rating IP54
Build Material Aluminium
Wattage 3000W (3kw)
Weight 3.6kgs
Cable Length 1.8m With Australian Plug
Mounts Included Wall/Ceiling Mount Brackets & Ceiling Hanging Chains
Recommended Height 2.2m – 2.8m
Warranty 24 Months Domestic / 12 Months Commercial
Australia Safety Certificate SAA Approval – Approval Mark SAA-161326-EA

We have had this product tested and certified to Australian Standards and we are very proud that we are looking after the safety of our customers, which is paramount to us.

Weight 4.0000 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 5 cm






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