Create a safe home entrance with LED Step Lights
From shining the way to your front door, to brightening your back stairs, LED Step Lights will guide you every step of the way throughout your home.
Unlike typical LED lighting, LED Step Lights shroud over half of the light. Instead of illuminating the whole area, this design directs light downwards, so that enough light is provided to guide you and your family safely when it is dark. LED Step Lights are also RGB Colour Changing and can be linked to the RGB LED Deck Lights you already have with the same remote control.
LED Step Lights can be used in the risers or treads of stairs, along the bottom of a wall, or anywhere you desire to add a more subtle light. Step Lights are also stunning way to create continuity in your lighting design between your deck or patio, down the steps into your lower deck, patio, or garden, so take a look at the full range below.

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