Outdoor Electric Heating

Outdoor Electric Heating for entertaining when the sun turns off for the day!
Don’t pack up and rush inside when the cooler times roll around, Vivid Lighting and Living have Outdoor Electric Heaters that will help to keep you as warm as toast.

At Vivid Lighting and Living, we have chosen our range of Outdoor Electric Heaters based on our experiences living in Melbourne. We understand that wherever you live, when the chill sets in quickly, you shouldn’t have to wait for your heater to warm up, and sit close by just to get some heat. When it comes to choosing outdoor heaters, you also don’t want to wheel out those typical Gas Patio Heaters that are often cumbersome and heavy.

These style of heaters can not only be difficult to light with those clickers that never work – we refer to this as ‘Clicker Rage’ and yes, we have experienced this many times! They also often run out of gas at the most inopportune moments. There is nothing more frustrating than entertaining outdoors only, to find your heater can’t provide you with the warmth you need.

Taking these points into account, Vivid Lighting and Living proudly supply customers with an exceptional range of Outdoor Electric Heaters. We can provide you with a wide range of 2000W, 2400W and 3000W Outdoor Electric heaters.These Outdoor Electric Heaters provide instant heat at the press of a remote control button. Simple!

These Outdoor Electric Heaters are IP55 rated and are made from strong aluminum, but are lightweight and really easy to use.
With Vivid’s Outdoor Electric Heaters you can carry on entertaining outdoors all year round.