LED Garden Lights


It’s no secret that Aussies love to entertain outdoors, I know I do!
We also love showing people our outdoor areas and spend many hours and lots of money making them places we want to show off.
So what happens when the sun goes down….

  • that garden bed you spent so much energy on
  • or that amazing hedge you doted over
  • that faultless lawn that you battled every weekend to finally be weed free
  • or that beautiful rock wall you laid – one.rock.at.a.time!

…all of these beautiful features are plunged into darkness and nobody can see them??
Let us help you…
Here at Vivid Lighting & Living we offer LED Garden Spot Lights that can easily highlight these areas. They are powerful 8 Watt lights that can easily light up a hedge, rockwall or even that favourite palm tree!
Our Garden Lighting connects up to the same LED Drivers that our Deck & Step Lights do, so we can essentially take care of lighting all aspects of your outdoor space, without the need of different makes of Drivers and splicing wires and paying electricians. It all works off the same Vivid Lighting & Living plug and play system, so simply plug into your outdoor power point and push and twist all of the connections together and turn them on, easy.
Of course if you need any assistance with what you may need, we are here to help you, anytime.