Yes we do, we offer a 12 Month Warranty on any faults on any of our Lighting products from the date of purchase.
We have a 1 Year Commercial / 2 Year Domestic Warranty on our Heater Range.
Please contact us to explain any fault that you may have noticed so we can discuss the next step. Our warranty doesn’t cover breakage by dropping/misuse, normal wear and tear, used contrary to what its designed to do or outside its IP Rating or due to incorrect installation.

Please contact us immediately through emailing us at Any issue you may have WILL be resolved, so please do this so we can resolve it and you can remain a happy Vivid customer for life! This is of the upmost importance to us, you are our best advertisement!

No, unfortunately we currently don’t have the ability to staff our depot at all times.

Yes you can. PayPal offers you the option of either logging into your PayPal account, if you have one, and using your linked credit/debit card – OR – You can simply click on ‘Pay with a Credit/Debit Card’ and fill out the form and PayPal will securely process your transaction – Easy as that! We do not store any of your financial information, it’s all done by PayPal. We just collect your shipping address so we can get your goods to you as quick as possible.

Glad to hear that! We will ship your goods off using Australia Post usually the next business day after payment has been received in our account. Note, that we won’t ship items on weekends and public holidays. So if you purchase your goods on a Friday, your shipment will be dispatched in Monday’s mail. Usually it is 2-3 business days for Australia Post to deliver your items, depending on if you are a Metropolitan or Regional delivery.

Absolutely! If you do not have an outdoor power point in the area where you intend to install your light kit, then this is the only part that is not DIY. You must contact an Electrician for this part – Everything else that happens once you open that box, is full DIY!

Excellent Question! You will require a full tool kit with a million different pieces……no i’m kidding! You’ll only need:
1. Measuring Tape and Marker first – to measure and mark the location of your holes for your lights. Take note – that there is nothing behind the material you are drilling through, like electricity wiring, water/gas pipes, etc.
2. A Drill that you can connect to your supplied Drill Bit. Now you can drill the holes in the locations you marked earlier.
3. Sand Paper, if you are drilling into your deck, you may want to clean up around the edges of the hole to make the light heads fit nice and neat and sit flush on the deck surface.
4. The Kit itself, you’re ready to put your lights into the holes and connect the plugs underneath.

The best time of the year! These little beauties are IP67, so they can handle a deck washer over the top of them to clean off the dirt from your deck surface, no problem! When it comes time to oil them, the oil will stain them so its best to pop them up and cover them and oil your deck. No need to remove them completely, just pop them out of the hole so you can get your brush/applicator over the hole without covering your lights in stain/oil. Once dried, uncover and pop them back in.

Just like anything, if the deck gets dirty, then chances are the lights will get dirty too. Dirt can sit in the nooks of the light head, around the lens area. NEVER use harsh detergents or solvents on the lights, just warm soapy water will do the trick if the deck washer on the hose (if you have one) doesn’t get them clean that is. This will ensure your deck lights will keep looking their best. Having said that, if your deck lights, or at least some of them are in high foot traffic areas, the stainless steel/aluminum frame around the lens on these ones will appear scuffed over time due to wear and tear of feet scuffing over them.

We at Vivid love a challenge. Send me the requirements of your project to, please include a sketch and measurements too of your lighting design and where you want your lights to go and we will help you through it step-by-step and put together a tailored lighting plan to suit your area. The more detail that you provide to us for these custom lighting designs, the better we can help you.

They are “Relaxing-With-Drink-In-Hand-Before-You-Know-It” EASY To Install.
Please click on the ‘How-To-Install’ tab of the LED Deck Lights Kit page of the model you are considering buying to see our Installation guide.

We are a Melbourne based online business, so all of our stock will be shipped to you directly from Melbourne – Not via a DropShipper located overseas!