At Vivid Lighting and Living our mission is to provide something different when you’re thinking of outdoor lighting & living products.

Our current range of 12v LED Lighting options and Outdoor Electric Heaters will take your outdoor space from ‘Oh My’ to ‘OMG!’
We will give YOUR home that resort feel everyday! Be the envy of your friends by adding some sophisticated LED Lighting to your deck, patio or garden.

Our brand new exclusive 3000w Outdoor Electric Heaters are perfect for those beautiful days where once the sun goes down – so does the mercury!

With these heaters installed in your outdoor entertaining area, no need to rush inside or watch your friends leave when the chill sets in.
At the press of a button, the party continues under the comfy warming glow of our Vivid 3000w Heaters.

Adding deck lights to your deck will not only improve the look and feel of that space, but can also assist in improving safety. By lighting dimly lit corners of decks and stairs with outdoor LED light, will ensure your family and guests are not caught out.

Outdoor LED lights can be an efficient lighting option for your home. Our outdoor LED lighting is 12v, meaning it is an extremely efficient way to light your outdoors. With each of our light heads using as little as 0.3W, this means that each 6 light kit can use as little as 1.8W in total. When you compare that to a 60W Incandescent light bulb or even a 20W Compact Fluorescent Energy Saver Bulb you may have in your indoor lamp for example – you can see how little energy your Deck lighting will consume!

We are constantly searching here and abroad for new & innovative products that make your outdoor living, just as comfortable as your indoor living.

We pride ourselves on our quality products and our quality service. With many years in the customer service and outdoor maintenance industries, we know how much Aussies love being outdoors and how much we all expect exceptional service.


At Vivid Lighting & Living we are constantly striving to provide exceptional quality products that will turn your outdoor space into the envy of your friends. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we bring you only the best quality, price and service.

We are a family run business, based in Melbourne – so when you contact us, you are actually contacting the people who run the business – giving you piece of mind that you will be given the best service imaginable!

That’s the Vivid Lighting & Living difference!